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Can this be True?

Dear Princess Adams,

I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Until now I only new the Adams
family from television.

First I ask you to accept my deepest sympathy for the mournfull loss
your family was to experience.

Thank you for your very interesting proposal. Please forgive me, but I
think it could be a fake. To prove that you are real, I must ask you
provide a photograph of yours in which you hold up a sign saying
"Ichabot gotalot" in one hand and a burning candle in the other. Please
take that picture in front of your church so I can see if it is real.

As soon as I receive that picture showing you, the sign, the candle and
the church, I will be more than happy to discuss further details.

Best regards

Ichabot Crane
24.10.05 02:27

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